Strategic Portfolio Management

Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) drives operational efficiency and alignment of people, processes, information & technology with business strategy.


We can help identify and eliminate unnecessary technology spend in your business.


  • Tie-in your technology investments to driving your business forward; make your technology work to deliver your vision, your strategy, your goals and your motivation
  • Utilise our skills, experience and services to assess and manage your assets, rationalise your technology portfolio and deliver solutions that will future-proof your business and add real, tangible value
  • Discover and build and inventory of your business applications, supporting technology and interactions, together with metrics to understand their fit to your business
  • Build and maintain a portfolio of your programmes and projects and evaluate which projects to pursue and how they deliver your strategy


Utilising our services and tools, we can:

    • Understand how Applications support business capabilities, processes, organisation units and locations
    • View a breakdown of Application costs and roll-ups for areas of the business
    • Understand how Applications are supported by technologies, and those threatened by Technology end of life
    • Understand how Projects support Business Capabilities and strategy

We can provide you with the expertise to realise big savings.