Infrastructure Project Management

Our team of professionals can assist with the obsolescence management for your business.

  • We use a variety of methods to identify your devices and identify when software, hardware and components will become obsolete.
  • Our team will then work with you to implement strategies and policies to control the use of technology, and take proactive action to prevent a technology item from ever becoming obsolete.
  • Microsoft, Oracle, Linux and other software providers have continuous releases and service packs that mean a steady flow of product versions becoming unsupported. You need to be aware of timelines and take regular measures to stay current and supported.
  • Additionally, if you have your own physical hardware, you will likely have a fixed warranty or support timeframe, after which, your supplier will no longer support you.
  • Running business application and services on obsolete software or hardware leaves your business vulnerable to cyber-attacks and at risk of failing. These risks can be mitigated and avoided altogether by taking proactive and appropriate action. Additionally, your business can save unnecessary run and support costs, even if your assets are fully depreciated.
  • Contact us for further information of how we can assist you.