SharePoint 2010 Remediation Case Study


Sharepoint 2010 Expiration


  • Our client was aware that they were running numerous SharePoint farms and webapps on WSS3 and 2010. Our client understood that WSS3 was already out of support and that Microsoft’s support for SharePoint 2010 was due to expire on 13 October 2020 (now postponed by Microsoft to 13 April 2021).
  • We were engaged to project manage our client’s complex program to migrate all active SharePoint sites from WSS3 / 2010 to SharePoint Online or 2019.


  • To assist our client, we devised a strategy to identify and then only migrate active sites to either SharePoint Online or 2019 on-premises versions. We advised our client to lock and then archive redundant sites given that our client did not have sufficient metadata to apply a robust records management strategy.
  • We worked with our client to identify the servers running their farms and put in place a plan for when servers and farms could be retired. We put in place a method to obtain and validate user stats to confirm which sites were to be considered active. We then implemented an ownership matrix and began working with all key parties to migrate sites to newer and supported SharePoint versions.


  • We helped our client identify that 88% (7000 sites) of our clients 8000 active legacy sites could be decommissioned and archived.
  • We reduced our client’s total migration scope down to 1000 (just 12% of their total site count) thereby saving our client significant run costs, storage costs and migration resource costs.