SharePoint Migration to Azure - Case Study/h1>


SharePoint 2010 migration to SharePoint Online


  • Our client had a collection of 510 bespoke SharePoint 2010 sites that they wished to migrate to SharePoint Online
  • We were engaged to assess those sites and provide recommendations to the client on the readiness and ability to migrate to SharePoint Online or SharePoint 2019 on-prem


  • We obtained detailed information on site usage to identify which sites were being modified (active) and recommended that all sites not active within the last 12 months be archived
  • We then analysed the active sites further to understand whether there was any components being utilised that could not be supported in an ‘out of the box’ SharePoint Online set-up, these included:
    • Custom web-parts
    • Infopath
    • SSRS
    • JavaScript
  • We provided recommendations to our client to migrate to SharePoint Online (default) and 2019 on-prem (if unable to go Online)


  • Our client had one source of the truth; a single view of their entire estate that needed assessing and appropriate action taken.
  • Our client had harmonised and cleansed data between asset detection tools, their service management tool and device inventories.