Strategic Portfolio Management

  • Our unique approach to SPM (Strategic Portfolio Management) ensures your IT systems and services are optimised to deliver in harmony with your Business Vision, Goals and Priorities
  • Using our step-by-step process, we take you through the assessment of your use of IT applications, infrastructure and people to producing a roadmap of changes that we can assist in delivering to ensure your IT is the best fit for your Business Capabilities and Value Streams

Application Rationalisation

  • An Application Rationalisation exercise mitigates business risk exposure, reduces IT costs and ensures remaining applications are fully supported.
  • Together we discover and catalogue every business application and service in your organisation.
  • We then assess your catalogue and produce recommendations with a roadmap showing the required changes to optimise your application suite, resulting in applications being Phased Out, Maintained, Invested In or Replaced.

Infrastructure Optimisation

  • Our team can review your existing IT infrastructure and ensure that you have a full inventory of every server and device.
  • We catalogue this information and ensure that licence, warranty and end of life data is collected against every asset.
  • using our specialist expertise, we are then able to make recommendations on target architecture states and provide a plan of how to optimise your infrastructure.

Cloud Migration

  • Our team are well placed to help assess your strategy and plans for adopting Cloud Services.
  • We work with you to assess your IT systems, applications and infrastructure to identify readiness for Cloud migration
  • Upon agreeing your goals and target end state, we produce a strategy and plan to migrate your IT to the Cloud