PMO - Project Management Office


PMO (Project Management Office) provides your business with the right governance and control of all your IT projects.

Free consultation prior to every engagement

  • All services are delivered utilising an agreed Statement of Works
  • Quick mobilisation of PMO resources to cater for all your needs
  • Benefit from specialists with 15+ years project experience
  • Tailorable service to suit your organisation and needs

By using our PMO solution we can help ensure all your projects are set-up, governed and controlled to effectively deliver against your business needs.  

What does a PMO do?

Prioritisation - an IT PMO is responsible for assessing the pipeline of projects and working with senior stakeholders to make priority decisions.  With our extensive experience of managing projects, we can help ensure your right projects are selected and progressed.

Set-up - consistency with the set-up and organisation of projects is paramount to ensure initiatives start off correctly.  Our IT PMO service can provide a tailored methodology, templates, guidance and support to project managers to ensure every project is set-up to succeed.

Governance - an IT PMO is responsible for ensuring that every project is governed correctly, in-line with company methodology and best practice.  We can support project managers to follow governance advice and support a PMO with conducting governance reviews.

Control - whilst a project manager should be in control of their assigned projects, an IT PMO can help provide extra assurance by conducting set and periodic reviews of projects to ensure the projects are under control and being managed correctly and effectively.

Benefits - projects are delivered for a purpose; to deliver value.  We can help ensure that Benefit Realisation is factored in to Best Practice and that all projects deliver as per their approved Business Cases.

What are the benefits of PMO?

Delivery certainty via SOWs

We provide you with control on deliverables and costs via Statement of Works (SOWs).

Capability & capacity when you need it

We can quickly mobilise our teams and give you access to our trusted network of delivery specialists.

Reduced execution costs

Our unique 'Pay-as-you-Use' service means you only pay for the resources you need and utilise. You will therefore not pay for benched resources or need to find extra work to pad-out day-rate contractors.

Knowledge retention

We give you access to all your project related support and reference materials in one place. You will therefore never be stuck.