PMaaS - Project Management as a Service


PMaaS (Project Management as a Service) provides your business with the right mix of on-demand delivery resources.

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  • Protection and peace of mind service delivery via agreed Statement of Works
  • Quick mobilisation of project teams to start work without delay
  • Trusted and reliable network of specialists with 15+ years project experience
  • Only pay for the on-demand resources for when you need them

By using our PMaaS solution we will deliver a more cost effective way to resource and manage your projects.  

How does PMaaS work?

Set-up - every engagement is covered by a Statement of Works (SOW) that will clearly confirm what we will deliver for you, by when and at what cost.

Discovery - we work with you and your teams to understand your needs, assess your requirements and then present our findings, options, recommendations and suggested next steps.

Planning - based on your preferred option, we will then conduct a thorough planning exercise to confirm what will happen and when.

Delivery - we will assemble the appropriate team, ensure they deliver against the agreed plan and provide you with regular status updates.

Support - post implementation, we continue to support your business with a Warranty Period and Knowledge Transfer.

What are the benefits of PMaaS?

Delivery certainty via SOWs

We provide you with control on deliverables and costs via Statement of Works (SOWs).

Capability & capacity when you need it

We can quickly mobilise our teams and give you access to our trusted network of delivery specialists.

Reduced execution costs

Our unique 'Pay-as-you-Use' service means you only pay for the resources you need and utilise. You will therefore not pay for benched resources or need to find extra work to pad-out day-rate contractors.

Knowledge retention

We give you access to all your project related support and reference materials in one place. You will therefore never be stuck.