Obsolescence Management Case Study


Software End of Life management


  • Our client knew that they had many devices running out of support operating software and product versions yet were not sure on the exact number. This coupled with a mixture of vendor packages running on legacy technology and unclear ownership of legacy business applications meant our client was struggling to get clarity on the exact scope and traction with taking the appropriate actions to resolve their technology estate.


  • Using various detection tools, we put in place a system to detect the software products running and established an inventory of devices. Using this, we organised and sorted the devices into risk categories allowing us to work with our client to prioritise remedial action. We were also able to provide a reporting dashboard and assist our client with securing authorisation to continue running out of support products.
  • We also established a process and method whereby our client’s device inventory would be formally reviewed every 3 months to check for end of life devices or product versions.


  • Our client had one source of the truth; a single view of their entire estate that needed assessing and appropriate action taken.
  • Our client had harmonised and cleansed data between asset detection tools, their service management tool and device inventories.