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Strategic Portfolio Management

Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) is crucial in a complex world to drive operational efficiency and alignment of people, processes, information & technology with business strategy.


To realise these efficiencies, you need to understand what technology you are using, for what purposes, who is using the technology and how,

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Digital Transformation strategy – what is it and do I need one?

Digital transformation certainly seems in-vogue at present, given the challenges that most businesses have faced in the light of disrupted operations as a result of the recent Covid-19 pandemic.  However, what is ‘digital transformation’ and do I need to bother with it?

A digital transformation strategy essentially states why,

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How is your vision?

Before you decide to move your business to the Cloud or outsource your IT services, we recommend that you understand and can answer these key questions:

  1. What is your business vision?
  2. Have you conducted analysis (Value Chain, PESTEL, SWOT, 5 Forces and VRIO) on your business?

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IR35 – let’s work together

IR35 – a chance for us to work together


As we all know by now, IR35 will impact all public and private business, except for small private businesses, with effect from 6 April 2021.  These new rules put the tax status determination on the client rather than the ‘contractor’

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Back to basics

Are your projects on track and intending to deliver to expectations? Are you spending less than you budgeted? Are your project risks and issues under control?

If you’re reading this and these questions resonate with you, you’re not alone.

When was the last time you checked to see if your project was still viable?

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